polkadot59 (polkadot59) wrote,

BoA - 한별 (Implode) Translation

The times that we can't go back to
The feelings that have collapsed
Even if I grab them, they fall apart in my hand
Because of the constant flowing tears
I keep on looking back

*"Don't leave me"
That simple phrase
Why was it so hard to say then?
"Stay by my side"
That simple phrase
I wonder why it was so difficult to say then.

The broken memories that fill me up completely
Are becoming blank
No matter how much I try, there's no use
The yearning that holds me tight
Even though it keeps me lingering
It won't even let me turn around


Words of parting
Words of weariness
Those words are drenched in many smiles and tears
Like a lie
Would I be able to live as if nothing happened?

It's so damn hard for me to let you go
you know I can't let you go
no I can't let you go

You, who left me like that
I keep being reminded of you
Even if I grab you, you fall apart in my hand
It's still you
I keep waiting for you
At the place where there's no empty memories of you

Please stay by my side
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